Villa Jolimont


Villa Jolimont, a unique location, entirely restored. A temple dedicated to watchmaking traditions. Looming on the heights of Saignelégier, in the Swiss Jura, it brings harmony between traditions and modernity.

Villa Jolimont's History


Villa Jolimont, once called the “Castle Jolimont”, is a 2400sqm residence imagined by Mr. Ephrem Jobin, prefect of the Franches-Montagnes, and in which he once lived with his family. Villa Jolimont’s construction started in 1906 and ended in 1909. No less than three years were necessary to achieve the construction of this ambitious edifice, composed of 4 floors and 25 rooms in its original distribution. Original plans were conceived by Mr. Jobin himself. The residence was inhabited by Mr. Jobin’s family until 1999.

Old postal card of Villa Jolimont in Saignelégier
Old picture of Villa Jolimont in Saignelégier


Vacant from 1999 and 2008, the Castle has stood the test of time and its condition has naturally deteriorated. The ‘Grand Lady’ was left abandoned on Saignelégier’s heights, while her outward nobility continued to amaze. The restoration of the building represented a colossal endeavor, which put off many buyers. It was finally in 2008 that Fabrice Thüler acquired the building.

2008 to nowadays

Invested with a vision for Villa Jolimont, Fabrice Thüler undertakes major construction works to restore its letters of nobility to the building. The goal is to create a showcase for Swiss watchmaking. The work is done on several fronts. On the one hand, the interior of the Villa had to be rehabilitated while retaining its DNA. Its parquet floors, staircases, stained glass windows and fireplaces have been restored to keep the character of the building and the rooms have been redistributed to accommodate offices, a watchmaking workshop and presentation rooms for future customers. On the other hand, Mr. Thüler’s ambition was also to create an underground manufacture that could ensure the production of all the components of a watch, thus allowing greater independence in the future. The manufacture is the contemporary wing of the construction, underlined by its windowed periphery.

Villa Jolimont, the Alchemists’ birthplace, allies Traditions and Modernity, illustrated by the Old Workshop and the New Workshop, working in harmony.

Old Workshop

The ‘Old Workshop’ is dedicated to traditional horological art’s savoir-faire. It is where the Alchemists perform their art, giving birth to exceptional timepieces, following traditional teachings. In Villa Jolimont, preserving the traditional art gestures is fundamental, the workshop offers a concrete application of this safeguarding of heritage. A rare opportunity in watchmaking. Alchemists’ humble way to participate to the protection of this universal heritage.

If you ever have the opportunity to wander on the “Old Workshop’s” floor, you will dive in an out-of-time universe where only the perfect mastery of centenary skills matters. You will witness a commitment to horological traditions without common measure, frequently sublimed by classical music notes, resonating on the “Old Workshop’s” walls. The sign that the watchmakers are focused on their craft and their own quest of the essential.

New Workshop

The “New Workshop” is located in the most recent part of Villa Jolimont.

This technical environment, with clinical cleanliness, equipped with state-of-the-art machines, allows the production of precision parts to minute tolerances, with rare and precious materials. Among which is the Cuprum 479, a horological alloy patented by the Alchemists. Worthy of the best manufactures, it houses dozens of years of combined experience making it possible to find technical solutions to the most tedious problems.

New Workshop and Old Workshop work in harmony, with rigor and meticulousness for the development and creation of Alchemists’ manufacture calibers. This vertically integrated environment offers an invaluable independence and time saving to the Alchemists.

The Alchemists work every day so that the emotion and passion transcending their universe are transmitted to their customers through their timepieces.
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