Creative Act II

This creative approach reveals the Cu29’s mechanical power through a new visage and shares even more of the mastery of traditional horological art’s savoir-faire, applied to the timepiece which introduced Alchemists’ identity codes in march 2019.
Several components have been entirely re-designed and re-drawn, such is the case for the shield-shaped bridges, the hours and minutes dial as well as the seconds dial and hand. This new design shines a light on the hand decoration work that was, until now, invisible on certain components.

Traditional Hours and Minutes Dial

A true reflection was carried out on the design of the dial to shine a new light into the creation and highlight each and every detail.

The dial’s distinctive curve is given by the hand of the watchmaker before being circular-grained and applied a Silver galvanic color. The assembly is sublimed by a Cuprum 479 setting in its center with a hand-polished sink.

A striking contrast introducing light reflections, subliming the blued hands and the black lacquered font of the dial.

Shield-shaped bridge, functions selector side.

Traditional, generous and rounded shape that was thought and drawn around the application of traditional horological art’s savoir-faire for the polishing and anglage of this component.

Its shape reveals the time setting mechanism linked to the functions selector, exposing the hand-finishing work on components that were invisible until now. This new bridge reinforces the aerial aspect of the movement and the functions selector’s hand seems in levitation.

This assembly introduces a play between textures and reflections with the black polished surface of the bridge and the circular-grained finish of the selector’s dial.

Shield-shaped bridge, power reserve side.

Redesigned for this Creative Act II, this bridge introduces a symmetry in color and texture with the functions selector side.

Its new shape highlights the power reserve’s suspended arm and dial, underlining the lightness aspect of the movement’s architecture.

This bridge, as well as the previous one, are traditionally hand-finished with rounded anglage of the edges and a black polish surface.

Small second dial with traditionally rounded anglage.

Completely new second dial with an open design to reveal the mechanical power of Alchemists’ first manufacture movement. It exposes the indirect, suspended second mechanism over the two barrels and underlines the atypical architecture of the movement’s levels where everything seems to be levitating.

The display of the second evolves to an arc made from stainless steel with circular-grained finish and traditional rounded anglage. Engraved and lacquered with a 20 seconds graduation and the 0 in its center.

Domed, three-legged second hand.

This new three-legged and blued hand finishes the assembly and offers a complete transparency over the movement.

The artisanal work performed on the barrels, their bridge as well as the moustache-shaped pawls is highlighted. It also shines a light into the delicate engraving hand-hammered decoration of the base plate.

This new mechanical aspect offers an even more unparalleled spectacle during the winding and functioning of the timepiece where one can observe all components evolving in perfect harmony.

This new interpretation of the Cu29 carries Alchemists’ identity codes with the hybrid case and its atmosphere-shaped crystal, its first manufacture movement, the innovative horological alloy Cuprum 479 as well as the meticulous application of traditional horological arts in the hand finishing and decoration of each individual component.
The evolutions brought to the movement compliment the mechanics and strengthen the aerial and pure aspect of its inverted architecture. There is also a true creative reflection around the contrast of the different materials and finishes to offer this blend of textures and colors in the movement. A luminous creation which delicacy is underlined by the atmosphere-shaped sapphire crystal.

Cu29 Creative Act II, a limited edition.

The Cu29 Creative Act II is available through a limited edition of 5 timepieces with a traditional Silver dial and an engraved case back.

Each creation continues to bear a unique movement number on the dial-side of the timepiece.

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