Mechanical Healing

Inaugural Model
Alchemists' Inaugural Piece - the Cu29 is an essential timepiece, bearing a unique and elegant design. Its manufacture movement is finished by hand according to traditional horological arts' savoir-faire. Discover now
Creative Act II
Alchemists' first manufacture movement reveals its mechanical power through a limited edition creation. Discover now


Blending traditional horological art with an alternative watchmaking philosophy to explore a contemporary approach of our relation to time.

Alchemists’ first horological trilogy explores a philosophy linked to one’s relation to time.

A philosophy of all that is essential

One of the smallest Swiss manufactures with a production one timepiece per month. The Alchemists’ goal is to maintain a human-sized community to take the time to do things in the rules of art and come back to more essential values.


For the first time, a collection of timepieces associating traditional horological art’s savoir-faire to a new dimension, an intention of offer something more intimate to the wearers of the creations. The Cu29 is the Inaugural Piece and represents a true watchmaking masterpiece, following traditional know-hows.

Mechanical Healing

The watchmaking application of Alchemists’ philosophy and of an alternative approach to one’s relation to time, bringing something more intimate to the wearers of the creations.

Traditional horological art savoir-faire

The Alchemists’ are strongly guided by the goal of saving, perpetuating and transmitting traditional watchmaking savoir-faire, almost forgotten gestures.

Discover a rare and authentic savoir-faire, an invaluable heritage.

Cuprum 479

A unique eternal copper. A marvelous invention, patented, and the Alchemists’ exclusivity.
Discover Cuprum 479

Villa Jolimont

Discover the Alchemists’ birthplace and the home of their art. A unique environment in which traditions and modernity live in perfect harmony.
Discover the Manufacture

Creating Better

A new horological philosophy emanating from an art of living and founded on centenary watchmaking traditions, for a different approach to one’s relation to time.
Discover the Philosophy
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