Creating Better

A motto encompassing the Alchemists’ thought process, for a come back to the essential and an alternative approach to watchmaking.

One philosophy, a community of Alchemists

Alchemists is the result of an association of persons with each their own respective universes, who chose to gather as an independent community in order to share their common philosophy with the world, through watchmaking as their creative and artistic vehicle of expression. 

Alchemists is an independent watchmaking Maison aimed at creating exceptional and exclusive, high-end timepieces following traditional horological art’s savoir-faire, imagined around a contemporary approach of our relation to time. Its watchmaking application was named Mechanical Healing.

Alchemists thought

More precise, faster, more complicated: these adjectives are often repeated and applied to today’s increasingly sophisticated timepieces. This drive to do “more” is commendable, this is what led watchmakers, day after day during three centuries, to design pieces whose performance is today without equals compared with the first clocks of the Age of Enlightenment. Watches today can no longer be compared with the clocks of yesteryear: they are more precise, precious, durable and stable, amongst many other qualities.

What if, instead of doing “more”, we could bring a different, philosophical approach? Take an alternative path?

Creating Better

A motto encompassing the philosophy of approaching all things in life in a positive manner, to reveal the best in them. A reflection of Alchemists’ thought process throughout the entire project. “Creating”, because Alchemists are imagining a type of watchmaking that never before existed. “Better”, because the goal is not to compete with contemporary watchmaking performance, but rather to use traditional art’s savoir-faire to explore a different approach of our relation to time. An Alchemists timepiece appeals to the sense of Being, and not Having.

Alchemists, rarity by essence and a philosophy of all that is essential.

Alchemists is one of the smallest contemporary watchmaking productions. The organization and its will to remain “small” to preserve a simple and essential life philosophy, guided the quantitative and qualitative production choices.

This approach contrasts with other Maisons’ organization and Alchemists aims at maintaining a team of less than 10 people.

The Alchemists don’t offer limited edition timepieces, the production limits itself. With less than 20 timepieces a year and the wish to remain loyal to this way of working and this watchmaking philosophy.

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