Mechanical Healing

The watchmaking application of the Alchemists’ philosophy, to create a more intimate connection between a timepiece and its wearer.


The Inaugural, founding piece. A masterpiece created from traditional horological art’ savoir-faire and a collection of ancestral know-hows, introducing an eternal copper, Cuprum 479.
Discover the Cu29

Chapter 2

The second creation will explore new horological displays and a deeper connection to our natural rhythms.
Discover the Second Timepiece

Chapter 3

The ultimate chapter of the Trilogy will give new depths to Alchemists’ watchmaking philosophy.
Discover the third timepiece

The first horological trilogy dedicated to Mechanical Healing

Alchemists’ mission is to share their philosophy with the world by finding innovative ways to convey it through their art and apply it to watchmaking. Giving birth to different horological displays which intention is to offer a more intimate connection to the wearers of the creations. The watchmaking application of this philosophy was named ‘Mechanical Healing’.

Choosing a timepiece created by the Alchemists, is encouraging a return to the essential, a quest for perfection and ultimately betting on human genius. It is also knowing that the timepiece we wear is unique because it is impossible to repeat the same gesture twice. Wanting to wear beauty while wishing good things for yourself, and also accepting that certain truths will remain intimately hidden.
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