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Alchemists in Relógios & Relógios

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The Cu29 recently made an apparition in an article from Brazilian digital media Relógios & Relógios, gathering a community of horology enthusiasts in Portuguese language.

Read the full article (in Portuguese)

We are thrilled to notice that the Cu29 is well received all around the globe! The article puts forth some of the Cu29’s specialty, among which the cylindrical hairspring, inspired by ancient Marine chronometers, and draws attention to the quality of the finishing of the timepiece, mosts parts hand-finished according to traditional horological art know-hows, transmitted to Hervé Schlüchter by a Master of the craft.

We warmly thank the redaction of Relógios & Relógios for this article about our inaugural piece.

Alchemisticly Yours,
The Alchemists.

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