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Following the first article published in Quill&Pad, the Cu29 recently made a new apparition in an article by the same author, Mr. Joshua Munchow, mentioning his top five timepieces with a cylindrical hairspring.

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The Cu29 is among the five timepieces and humbly appreciate to have a spot in this shortlist. We are lucky enough to be in this list with prestigious brands, and we are pleased that our cylindrical hairspring as well as the design of the Cu29, caught the author’s attention.

In addition, in the article, he mentions the fact that cylindrical hairsprings were frequently used in Marine chronometers, which rightly was one of Hervé Schlüchter’s inspirations when he designed the Cu29.

We would like to thank Mr. Munchow once more for including us in his top five!

Alchemisticly Yours,
The Alchemists.

Photo Credit: Quill&Pad

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