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Alchemists in Italian Watch Spotter

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These short articles from the press review allow us to take the time to remember our meetings which led to the writing of these articles, and what souvenir during the presentation of the Cu29 to Andrea Casalegno and his team for Italian Watch Spotter!

While discovering the article dedicated to the Cu29 in July 2019, we were touched by Andrea’s words and by the visuals they were able to take during the presentation in the Trois Rois :

Read the full article
Read the full article (Italian version)

We warmly thank them for these shared moments during this day and for their article, honoring the timepiece with very good looking wrist shots.

Alchemisticly Yours,
The Alchemists.

Photo Credit : Italian Watch Spotter, Vincenzo Finizola (@vfphotograf)

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