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Alchemists in Chronos

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Towards the end of 2019, we had the chance to receive a visit from the redaction of the Japanese magazine Chronos, at Villa Jolimont, in order to present and discuss around the projects of Alchemists and our timepieces.

These few days were rich in sharing experiences, we took an immense pleasure to live those moments with people passionate by watchmaking, honored by the interest they took in our young brand and which created everlasting souvenirs.

See the article in PDF Format (in Japanese)

We warmly thank the redaction of Chronos magazine as well as Mr. Suzuki for the redaction of this article, but, above all, for those shared moments during their stay in Switzerland. We are also extremely grateful towards Mr. Mitamura for the incredible pictures he was able to capture during his visit in Villa Jolimont.

Alchemisticly Yours,
The Alchemists.

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