Combining precious elements in a way that has never been done. To reveal something that has never been seen. A beautiful, mechanical watch that helps the body stay strong.


The inaugural timepiece

Instead of
doing more,
the idea is
to do better

Two words that represent a philosophy
of all that is essential.

“Creating”, since the Alchemists are currently inventing a form of watchmaking that has never before existed.

“Better”, since the challenge is not to compete with contemporary watchmaking performance, but rather to propose an alternative path founded on well-being and self-fulfillment. Starting from the principle that the race to capture time is as vain as it is impossible, the idea of the Alchemists is to use time as an ally and cornerstone of a fulfilling life which synchronizes its social rhythm to that of our bodies.

alloy :

Cuprum: its composition has been known to humans for thousands of years.

The complete scientific name of this copper, gold, and silver alloy is CUPRUM 479. The copper is the dominant metal, constituting 80% of the alloy.

Cuprum’s beneficial qualities for the human organism mark its fundamental difference as a watchmaking material. It is mainly the presence of copper which, due to its composition, exerts positive effects on the body.

Furthermore, Cuprum doesn’t require any surface treatment, so all its purity is imparted to the movement. Finally, Cuprum displays astonishing oxidative stability, which still poses a mystery for metallurgical engineers. Cuprum is more stable than 18 carat gold.

An innovative concept :
Mechanical Healing

Humans have known about copper’s properties since time immemorial.

It powerfully stimulates the body’s natural defences, particularly by promoting the assimilation of vitamin C. It is sometimes appropriate to combine copper with silver, which acts as a powerful antibacterial, since the synergy between the two mutually increases their effect.

For the first time, a watch collection has been endowed with these natural properties in order to associate personal well-being and equilibrium with a very exclusive 100% watchmaking manufacture. Copper’s natural properties are transmitted continuously by the case backs of the watches made by the Alchemists, which are in constant contact with each owner’s wrist.


The inaugural timepiece

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